Monthly Archives: April 2008

And The Winner Is…
by lauren | Apr 28th, 2008 | 1 Comment

We got a call from a customer today about a design contest they were holding for members of their organization, and felt inspired to share their great idea with everyone.

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Counterfeit Wine?
by lauren | Apr 25th, 2008 | Leave a comment

With counterfeit dollars, coupons, handbags, jeans, sunglasses, and much more, I suppose it is not too surprising that counterfeiters would delve into the world of expensive and rare wines, especially

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour!
by lauren | Apr 24th, 2008 | Leave a comment

With government regulations and the growing number of languages spoken in the USA and abroad, it is becoming more and more important to ensure a product’s directions, safety warnings and

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Smart Wireless Sticker
by lauren | Apr 17th, 2008 | Leave a comment

Axcess International, the world’s leading provider of wireless monitoring technology recently announced the first Smart Wireless Sticker. The technology packed into this small sticker is amazing. According to the company’s

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Wine Find Labels
by lauren | Apr 16th, 2008 | Leave a comment

Have you even been to a friend’s house, had a great bottle of wine, and hoped the mental the image of the label would stick in your head for the

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