Monthly Archives: September 2008

Just Chill
by lauren | Sep 30th, 2008 | Leave a comment

Have you ever put a bottle of wine on ice and notice when the label gets wet it quickly falls apart and peels off the bottle?  That is kind of

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5 Steps to Starting Package Design
by lauren | Sep 29th, 2008 | Leave a comment

I came across a pretty good article written by JoAnn Hines, the “Packaging Diva” about how to start creating packaging for your product.  We have talked about the importance of

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Smart Wine Labels
by lauren | Sep 22nd, 2008 | 1 Comment

  Like any fruit or vegetable, it is important wine is stored and shipped at the correct temperature in order to preserve the intended flavor and body of the wine. 

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Promoting Yourself Through Address Labels
by lauren | Sep 10th, 2008 | Leave a comment

Would you want to hire a chef who doesn’t like to eat his or her own food?  Of course not, so why would you want to use a graphic designer

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10 Tips to Great Package Design
by lauren | Sep 9th, 2008 | 3 Comments

I came across a good article from Peter Renton at Lightning Labels discussing some great tips to improve or create product packaging.  The article is from a little while back,

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