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Want a Piece of $2.5 Trillion?
by lauren | Oct 26th, 2011 | Leave a comment

Would you like to know the secret to breaking into a $2.5 trillion dollar spending group?  Well, so would I.  So would anyone with a product on the shelves.  Just

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The Method Method
by lauren | Oct 24th, 2011 | Leave a comment

I’m about half way through The Method Method by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry.  The dynamic pair are the mega-successful founders of Method.  In case you haven’t heard of it

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Sweet Stuff
by lauren | Oct 21st, 2011 | Leave a comment

Sweeteeth, a boutique chocolatier located in Charleston, SC recently launched redesigned packaging for their chocolate bars and sauces.  With the help of Fuzzco, a well known design firm also located

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Sir Kensington’s Ketchup
by lauren | Oct 18th, 2011 | Leave a comment
ketchup label

It is rare to find a brand that is the perfect combination of style, class, and hilarity.  Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup is one of those brands.  From the packaging

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Front of Packaging Nutrition Labels
by lauren | Oct 14th, 2011 | Leave a comment

We all know where to find a nutrition label.  You toss, turn, and flip a package around till you find the boring black and white panel loaded with those fun

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