Color Screens for Your Labels
by lauren | Aug 18th, 2010 | Leave a comment

You may have seen custom labels that fade from one color to another, or use various shades of one color to create the appearance of multiple colors.  This look is accomplished by using a screen of the color.  A single screen is essentially a lower opacity of the ink color, like 50% of the full ink power.  This will create a lighter version of the original color.  Some screens are gradient screens, which is when the color fades to white or a different ink color.

A single percentage color screen can be used to:

  • Create the appearance of two colors for the cost of only one ink color
  • Provide a subtle background color to the base of a label design

A gradient screen can be used to:

  • Create shadows or depth
  • Give a 3D feeling to the label artwork
  • Transition from one color to another
  • Focus attention to the brightest color area, as the edges fade

Using a screen, whether single percentage or gradient is a great tool to give a little depth to your design.  Much like a drop shadow, there are only certain situations where a screen is appropriate.  If your one color design looks great as one color, then there is no sense in adding a single percentage screen simply because you want a two color appearance.  Like with many special effects, we recommend completing the label’s design before adding a screen or a gradient.  This will ensure the effect works within the design, instead of molding the design around the effect.

Gradient Screen



















Single Percentage Screen

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