Vector Art for Labels
by lauren | Aug 27th, 2010 | Leave a comment

If you are creating artwork for your custom labels, or if you are working with a designer, one of the most important design concepts is using vector files.  In complicated terms, vector art uses lines lines with coordinates, beginning and end points, to create images.  As opposed to a jpeg or other pixel based creations, vector art is a more precise and mathematical design technique. If you examine the example, the vector art on the right is much more clear and crisp than the pixelated bitmap image.

Using vector artwork for your labels is important because:

  • The art can be re-sized without loosing quality or clarity
  • The colors can be changed or edited by simply clicking the path and selecting a new color
  • It can be placed over other images, and the object below will show through (no background block)
  • Any shape can be drawn depending on skill level

Vector artwork can be created using a few different design softwares.  Some of the most popular are Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.  At InTouch, we often use Illustrator, which is the preferred choice of many design and printing professionals.  In terms of the actual label printing, using vector art will ensure a high quality output, regardless or size changes or color edits.  Additionally, if your design requires spot colors or close lines, vector art allows the colors to be separated, ensuring the correct color will print in the correct path, without registration issues.

Creating vector art can be difficult.  It does require a certain amount of skill, which is generally found in a professional designer.  If you are learning to create vector art, it may take a few tries, but in time, you will see the vast benefits of creating this type of crisp design.

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