Why the color of your labels matters
by lauren | Jun 25th, 2014 | Leave a comment

We recently came across a great infographic about how colors affect purchasing habits.  It might seem obvious that your label should be colorful and eye-catching, but how you use colors, and what colors you use can have a dramatic affect on if consumers will say yes to your product.

Colors play a huge role in your products sales.  For example, did you know that orange and royal blue tend to appeal to impulse shoppers, where as teal and navy blue appeal to bargain hunters?  If your product is displayed at point-of-purchase, you may want to consider using orange in your design.

Here are a few other interesting facts we can learn about how consumers react to certain colors:

  •  Yellow = Optimistic
  • Red = Energy
  • Blue = Trustworthy (seen a lot with banking institutes)
  • Green = Calming
  • Orange = Aggresive
  • Pink = Romantic
  • Black = Luxury
  • Purple = Soothing

To learn more about the power of colors, check out the awesome infographic from KISSmetrics.

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