File Prep

Correctly prepared art files are a key aspect to successful print runs. It is easy to make a mistake when preparing your files, causing production delays or printing errors. For your convenience, we have prepared a checklist to ensure your artwork files are print-ready.

All Fonts Are Outlined:

One of the biggest issues we have when receiving files is missing fonts. If you use a font not in our font library, our system will replace the font with something else. This can totally change the look of your design. To avoid this, simply convert all your fonts to outline. Converting the fonts to outline will change them from a text element to a graphical element. Please Note: Once you convert the text to outline, you can no longer edit it. Be sure your artwork is final before outlining the text.


The resolution level of your file will determine how clear the finished label will print. Anything below 300 dpi (dots per inch) will not print very well. All art should be at least 300 dpi or higher. An image from the Internet is only 72 dpi, so be sure your artwork is not something you have taken directly from your website.

Including a Bleed:

If you want the ink color on your label to go all the way to the edge, you must make the color bleed. This means extending the color .125” beyond where the label will be cut. Doing this will ensure the color will go to the edge, without leaving a white border.

Including Pantone Colors:

If your label design uses spot colors, each color must be defined from the Pantone Matching System library (PMS Color). The specific Pantone color should be used in the artwork and you should alert your InTouch sales rep of the Pantone colors when placing your order.


If you are using spot colors, as described above, your artwork should be set to RGB. If your labels are four-color process (full color) your file should be set to CMYK.

Missing Files or Links:

If you place or import a graphical element into your art file, but sure to embed the image. If you don’t embed the image, it will not be included in the final file. If you can’t embed an image, but sure to include any placed or supporting files with your art.

Spelling Errors:

It easy to make a mistake when setting type. Be sure to double-check your artwork for any spelling or grammatical errors.

At InTouch Labels, we use the most up-to-date versions of Adobe software, including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

The preferred file type for your artwork is an Illustrator EPS file. We can also work with a variety of other file types, including PDFs and JPEGs. If you have any questions about how to prepare your art files or if your current files are print-ready, please contact our art department at or call 1-800-370-2693.