Barcode Labels

Custom Barcode Labels

Barcodes are like a silent hero.  They tell us how much something costs, when inventory is low, or when a package will arrive at your door.  It is amazing the amount of information that can come from a simple row of bars.  As technology advances, we are even able to use QR codes to instantly connect consumers with websites or special offerings.

Already have a barcode?  We can print it on almost any material, using any ink color.  Dark colors, like black, work best.  We can also incorporate your barcode into your artwork if you want one complete product label.

Need a barcode?  We can help.  Let us know what type of barcode you need, and we can work with one of our trusted retailers to quickly get a barcode for your label.  There are many types of barcodes, but UPCs are the most commonly used by U.S. retailers.

A little confused about what you need?  Give us a call and we can guide you through the process.