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January/February 2013 - Custom Diecut Labels

Every so often we are faced with a very fun challenge…a crazy diecut.  These labels always prove to be worth the extra time to ensure the cut is perfect because the end result can be amazing.

Without getting too technical, the die is the tool used to cut a label’s shape.  Most printers, including us, have hundreds if not thousands of dies available.  The catch is most of these dies are simple circles, squares, rectangles and ovals.  Up until just a few years ago, the only way to create a unique shape was to purchase a new die.  This could be a costly endeavor, especially for a new business.

Luckily, technology has a great way of changing things.  Today, we can use a digital press to cut almost any shape imaginable, without the expense of a new die.  This makes it the ideal solution for short run labels looking for an edge.

Labels like the ones used by Black Birch Vineyards can truly turn something simple into a work for art.  When wrapped around a wine bottle, Black Birch’s labels transform into a beautiful tree.  Happy singing bird included.

Thinking of creating an usual shape?  Don’t be afraid.  We can work with you to economically design and print exactly what you want, and for a fraction of the cost you think it will be.  Win win.