Food & Beverage Labels

FDA-Compliant Custom Food Labels

Let’s face it, a fabulous label will sell an item in the grocery store.  You might have a great product ready to hit the shelves, but without a great label, you could miss a lot of potential buyers.

We know food and beverage labels can be a little tricky.  In addition to creating a design that will sell your product, you also have to navigate through the FDA’s complicated regulations.  Luckily, our team at InTouch Labels knows all the ins and outs of the FDA, and can help you design a label that will have a big impact on growing your business.

We can also: help you get a barcode, create a nutrition chart, and most importantly, make sure your labels follow the rules so you don’t get stuck with costly reprints.

Whether you need refrigerator safe, freezer grade, or outside packaging labels, we have something to meet your needs at a price that will protect your bottom line.


Fun Fact:  Did you know the FDA doesn’t require nutrition charts if you sell less than 10,000 units per year?  Want to know more?  Give us a call or send us an email.