Fruit & Vegetable Labels

Fruit & Vegetable Labels for Your Fresh Produce

Printing custom labels for fruits and vegetables can be a complex process. The FDA has some specific requirements for fruit labels and vegetable labels because the label is often placed directly on an edible item. At InTouch Labels, we have the expertise to produce fruit and vegetable labels to meet your exact specifcations at a price that will keep you competitive in the marketplace. We offer a wide range of standard produce label sizes and can accommodate almost any custom or specialty size.

FDA Approved Label Stocks

An important factor to consider when ordering custom labels for fruits and vegetables is if the label will come in direct contact with the commodity. Direct contact mean the label is placed on a fruit or vegetable where a person would eat, like the skin of an apple. Direct contact label stock is stored in a clean-room environment, at a temperature required by the FDA.

At InTouch Labels, we go to great lengths to ensure our FDA approved stocks can meet your needs at a competitive price, so you can meet the FDA’s requirements without taking away from your bottom line. Direct contact stock is not needed for every fresh produce application, so please contact us if you have questions about FDA approved labels stock or request a quote for pricing.

Country of Origin Labels (COOL)

One important aspect of fruit and vegetable labeling are country of origin labels, also known as COOL. Country of origin labels inform consumers where their fresh produce comes from. For example, an apple grown in New York would have a country of origin label that says, “Product of the USA.”

Country of origin labels can be as simple as a label on a display carton or as complex as a PLU or traceability label. Failing to provide country of origin labels can result in large monetary fines. We can help design and print country of origin labels to meet your needs, at a price you can afford, while still fulfilling the necessary requirements.

If you have questions about country of origin labeling requirements, please contact us or request a quote for pricing today.

HarvestMark Traceability Labels

One aspect of our fruit and vegetable labeling program that we are most proud to offer is the HarvestMark traceability solution. We have the ability to print traceability labels for all your fresh produce. HarvestMark is the world’s premiere traceability solution. Their traceability system can help both small and large growers ensure the produce they provide is safe and traceable. For more information, please visit HarvestMark.

The Produce Traceability Intiative (PTI) has guidelines for case-level traceability labels. We have compiled the important label information for you, including the types of labels that will work best for case-level traceability. These best practices will ensure your labels are PTI compliant.

PTI Compliant Traceability Labels