Short Run Digital Labels

Full Color Labels in Small Quantities

This may sound weird, but we love our short run digital label.  Why?  Because the technology allows almost endless options in terms of shape and size, and the output is nothing short of amazing.  Do you want to create a label that looks like a tree  branch?  We’ve done that.  Do you want a label in the shape of Texas?  We’ve done that.  Do you just want a simple square or circular label?  Ok, we can do that too.

Want to know the best part?  We can create these shapes without any extra tooling or die charges.  See, traditional printing uses a die to make the label’s shape.  Most printers, including us, have a library of dies, but we don’t have every shape or size.  If you want a unique or customized shape, there will be a one-time die charge.  The more complex the shape, the more expensive the die.  Not anymore.  We can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind shape to match your product, promotion, or overall brand message without the costly fees that usually make these ideas too expensive to produce.

Want more?  Digital printing also allows for multiple designs to be printed together, which is ideal if you have a wide range of products, different flavors or a variety of scents.  Maybe you only have one product but want to print different designs to see which sells best.  Digital printing provides the perfect avenue to test what design or message gets your product moving.

Want to see what your label will really look like?  We can use our digital press to create a customized prototype just for you.