Specialty Decals

Specialty Labels are Our Strong Suit

Specialty decals are just that, special.  They are created for a specific purpose.   Do you have a permit-only parking lot in need of window decals?  Do you have warranty or fraud issues that could be eliminated with tamper evident decals?  Do you have too much information for your label?  Perhaps an expandable label will provide enough space for all your important information, without compromising the look of your product or packaging.

Since specialty decals are created for a particular application, the materials used to make the label fit the end use.  Window decals are made to withstand inside or outside window applications.  Tamper-evident labels are constructed with various void or checkered patterns to detect foul play.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have a problem and need a solution, the team at InTouch is here to help provide a custom decal designed to meet your specific situation.