HP Indigo

Digital Printing is the 21st Century Solution


Life doesn’t run on a normal production schedule. We understand the challenges many businesses face when it comes to labeling products and keeping up with inventory. When a big order comes in, you need to know you have a trusted source that will move your job quickly through production so you can get your product on shelves and in your customer’s hands.

Our on-demand digital printing eliminates the waiting period of plate making, color mixing and other production hold-ups associated with traditional print methods. What would take hours or even days is now reduced to minutes. In a world where speed and flexibility are paramount, digital printing is the 21st century print solution.

Using HP Indigo print technology we are able to employ up to seven colors, including white. This allows us to match almost any Pantone color to create a high-quality, vibrant label.

Oh, and did we mention that digital printing is one of the most sustainable print methods? Waste is minimal. Ink cans are recyclable. We don’t use rubber plates. There are no toxic fumes (which makes our neighbors very happy). There are many post-consumer waste substrates available. And most importantly, you only print what you need, when you need it, so no unnecessarily large runs just to reduce cost.