A Little Inspiration…
by lauren | Jul 24th, 2014 | Leave a comment

Every so often I’m sure everyone needs a little inspiration.  Today, I got a big boost of inspiration in the form of something that has nothing to do with labels or printing…which surprised me because that is usually where my inspiration comes from!

I took part in a kooky (that’s kind of a weird word) group workout called the November Project.  The idea was born in Boston, so I’m lucky enough to attend the founder’s group, but has popped up all over the country.  Basically, it is a 60-minute workout/torture session where you run up and down the stairs at Harvard Stadium.  Sounds inspiring, right?  Aside from running up and down stairs until you can’t feel your legs, you also have to hug strangers, sing happy birthday, and smile for a group photo.

When I left, I felt like I could take on any challenge.  I also felt like connecting with strangers, or humans as they are also known, is critical to success in life and business.  So many of our amazing customers are successful because they created a product and were able to connect it to strangers.  Those strangers (humans) became fans.  Those fans became loyal customers.

Just today, our friends at Brooklyn Brine are celebrating their 5 year anniversary.  That is five years of making pickles and connecting those amazing cucumbers to strangers.  What started in Brooklyn can be found in Washington state, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridge, where I get my lunch most days.  Pretty cool.

As often as I can, I’m going to post what has been inspiring me lately, even if it has nothing to do with labels.  Who knows, maybe it will be something that inspires you too. If you’re up for it, feel free to post on our Facebook wall what inspires you.  We’d love to hear from you.

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