Bye Bye Crumbs…Six Hot Food Trends Happening Now
by lauren | Jul 8th, 2014 | Leave a comment

It seems like just yesterday that cupcakes were all the rage.  You couldn’t walk down the street in Boston without seeing a new cupcake shop opening.  With the news of Crumbs, the nation’s largest cupcake chain, closing down, it is the perfect time to see what is hot now.

Spicy is very in right now.  Different varieties of hot sauces, especially sriracha sauces, are popping up everywhere.  We see it on our presses almost weekly.  And it seems the spicier the better.  Keep an eye out for anything with ghost pepper and other very hot flavors.

Just as hot sauces are on the rise, so is BBQ sauce.  Large chains like Pizza Hut are coming out with specialty BBQ pizzas.  There are more specialty BBQ sauces in the condiment aisle then ever before.  From sweet to smoky, BBQ sauce is hot.

Dumplings.  Warm, fried, doughy, deliciously filled dumplings.  We recently printed some awesome labels for a local dumpling shop, and after trying a few samples, we totally understand this trend.  If you live in the area, check out Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room.

Pressed juices and smoothies.  While the lifespan on these products is usually short, the demand is huge.  We know from all the orders we get from our local fresh juice shops that this trend will be around for a while.  People love these fresh, health-packed drinks made with true super foods.  For Bostonians, Cocobeet in Government Center is a must try (the Banana Chia is my personal favorite).

As they say, trends come and go, so this is what we know is in…for now.

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