Mocha vs. Brown – The Color Wars
by lauren | Jul 29th, 2014 | Leave a comment

Entrepreneur magazine recently had a great article called The Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing. It is packed with great information about how different colors can impact a product’s performance on the shelf.  Absolutely worth a read if you are in the process of designing your labels or launching your product.

One of the interesting tidbits we took away from this article was the power of naming when it comes to color.  A lot of products have color names.  Think makeup or nail polish.  Nail polish isn’t just red or blue, it is rose petal or tropical breeze.  These color names can have a big impact on how a product is perceived.

A recent study asked subjects to evaluate two products using the same color.  One was “brown” and one was “mocha”.  The mocha product performed significantly better than the brown product.  And they were the same color!  The same was true for paint colors.  Consumers reacted more favorably to paint colors with elaborate names over the same colors with simple names.

This color naming theory had similar results across a wide range of products.  From clothing to jelly beans, the name of the color or flavor had an impact on sales.  If you are launching a new product or thinking of expanding your line, really consider the names of different varieties.  The right name could make all the difference.

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