Time for a Change…
by lauren | Mar 17th, 2009 | 1 Comment


We have heard a lot of feedback from our recent Tropicana post about the orange juice titan’s decision to revamp their packaging.  As we all know, the new packaging met tons of criticism and they ultimately decided to go back to the previous design.

Tropicana isn’t the only company changing their look.  Elizabeth Arden recently launched a new limited edition of their classic eight-hour face cream.  The packaging is a throwback to the 50s, using retro chic fonts, shapes, and colors.  They also opted to put the cream in a glass jar instead of a tube.  All of these changes give people a feeling of going to back to something good, to a better time, and in hard times, people want to feel good.  They want to remember summer nights at the local diner drinking milk shakes and eat burgers.  This may all sound a little lame, but is true.  Retro isn’t just cool, it can be comforting.

I read one comment about the packaging and the user was pleased with how nice it looked on her nightstand.  Another person said they still had cream left in the tube but couldn’t resist buying the new packaging.  In fact, most people are commenting more about the look of the package than the product, which is part of their “Celebration of a Decade” collection.

Elizabeth Arden’s decision to revamp their design had a lot of benefits.  First, with a product that has been around for years, it is difficult to draw in new customers except via word of mouth, etc.  This gives them an opportunity to get press and attract new users.  Also, consumers are drawn to limited edition or special packaging.  This could provide a nice bump in sales for a product that has probably had strong but steady sales numbers for years.  In a sense, Tropicana wasn’t too harmed by their bad design choice because it has probably gotten more press and attention than Arden or any other product available that has recently been made over.

Elizabeth Arden did a great job with the design and consumers reiterated this by blogging, texting, facebooking, tweeting, and basically shouting from rooftops about how much they love it.  Even I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing this on my nightstand.

What do you think?

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